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Optomni is an Australian Agtech company, based in Adelaide, specialising in helping businesses in the agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and wholesale sectors unify their customer experience through omnichannel sales strategy and inventory optimisation.

Omnichannel is all about integrating the customer experience across all physical and digital channels. Our software solutions and industry expertise allow organisations to replace manual processes and spreadsheets to optimise their customer engagement while streamlining inventory management.

  • Omnichannel & solutions consulting
  • End to end solutions based on our OmniOrder™ platform fully integrated with your existing systems
  • Data analytics & machine learning as a service
  • Low risk Proof of Concept based engagement model

OmniOrder™ is a flexible multi-vendor marketplace platform designed with Omnichannel in mind, specifically for the wholesale trade industry, launching first for the Australian fresh produce industry.


OmniOrder™ allows buyers and sellers to trade in real-time, right from any smartphone or tablet. Wholesale buyers can simplify their ordering and buying processes while wholesalers & growers can broaden their reach, track inventory and automate order fulfilment.

  • Dedicated buyer and seller interfaces
  • Seamless e-commerce experience for buyers based on best-in-class design principles
  • Powerful tools for sellers to manage product catalogues and inventory
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence engine powering product recommendations, demand prediction and more
  • Analytics tools to conduct volume and pricing analysis
  • Multi-vendor marketplace or single-vendor dedicated deployments
  • Out of the box or fully customised deployments

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