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Nearly 45% of all fruits and vegetables grown
worldwide are never eaten and wasted. We use AI to help reduce food loss throughout the fresh and perishables value chain by connecting and optimising supply and demand with our trading & optimisation platform, OmniOrder®

Who are we?

Digitalising the fresh and perishables supply chain

We are an Agtech company dedicated to digitalising the fresh and perishables supply chain with OmniOrder®, our AI-driven digital wholesale trading & supply chain optimisation platform that helps growers and wholesalers reach more customers, streamline inventory and ordering processes and reduce waste through demand prediction and automated supply matching.

We believe that it’s time for AI-enabled supply chain optimisation to get out of the realm of expensive custom software and be put to use slashing the rate of loss in the fresh and perishables supply chain.

Our three step approach

Delivering value at every stage


Replace inefficient manual ordering and inventory management processes with our digital trading platform, OmniOrder®



Automate fulfilment, back-end supply chain and order to invoice processes


Make better supply decisions by viewing market and price insights, while optimising inventory to reduce losses and downgrades due to overstocking and lost sales due to understocking

What we offer

Digital Trading for Domestic and Overseas Markets with OmniOrder®

Fresh food supply chains are prone to volatility in supply and demand. This, plus the perishable nature of fresh means that most primary produces are price takers in spot markets. By leveraging sales through OmniOrder®, whether direct or through a wholesaler, producers can access more granular market signals to make better decisions and promote their brands.

OmniOrder® was built first and foremost for the wholesale fresh produce industry, but the platform caters to any wholesale business dealing in perishable food:

  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Smallgoods
  • Dry Goods

Demand Forecasting for Fresh and Perishables

Current forecasting methods are generally manual and based on historical data only. Typical forecasting methods involve manually identifying the same week in a previous year or year(s), which are considered to be similar to the current year, and manually adjusting based on experience and gut feel to account for new information like competitive activity, price movements, promotions and weather.

Simple statistical forecasting often doesn’t provide an improvement over manual methods based on experience.

However, machine learning based methods allow more variables such as broader price data, weather data, public holidays, geographical and socioeconomic data to be incorporated leading to greater accuracy than manual methods.

Promotional Planning for Fresh and Perishables

Fresh is one of the key drivers of growth for retailers. Traditional promotional planning systems are not suited to the continous supply and demand management that is needed for fresh, and are based on demand only. This makes it hard to make optimal decisions accounting for both supply and demand, leading to losses for growers and unnecessary discounting.

Fresh specific promotional planning allows greater flexibility in managing promotions and incorporating the latest supply and demand information.

Inventory Management and Stock Optimisation

Optimising inventory means determining the exact quantity of stock for a product which is most likely to meet demand and therefore minimise losses due to overstocking and waste, while also minimising losses due to understocking and lost sales.

As demand is always variable and can never be predicted perfectly, optimisation aims to weigh up understocking costs like lost sales against overstocking costs like waste. Optimisation is always based on a demand forecast which can be manually created, or the result of a statistical or machine learning model. 

Why work with us

Get on top of your supply and demand management today!

Built for fresh and perishables

We work with the industry and for the industry. During development of our software, we spent time with primary producers and wholesalers to understand the biggest pain points as well as capture all of the nuances of fresh.

Easy integrations

OmniOrder® easily integrates with popular accounting packages out of the box. If further integrations are needed, we run a short engagement to de-risk for those components.

Results oriented

We recommend an approach suited to drive the most immediate Return on Investment. This might be based on digitalising with OmniOrder®, deploying tailored AI models on your data to help you make better inventory decisions or a combination of both.

Passionate team of experts

We have decades of experience delivering transformational software for large enterprises in the food and beverage, horticulture, wholesale and viticulture sectors and have a deep understanding of the business processes and challenges involved. We work closely with our customers to unlock value and our approach is customer first, not technology first.

The Founders

Meet Our Team

Murad Mekhtiev

Murad Mekhtiev

Chief Executive Officer

Abdelrahman Elborey M.Sc.

Abdelrahman Elborey M.Sc.

Chief Technology Officer

Sabina Zeynalova

Sabina Zeynalova

Marketing Manager

Who we serve


We work with fresh produce growers and other perishable food primary producers of all sizes across Australia to digitalise ordering and inventory processes, enable direct sales and provide market insights.

Produce Wholesalers

We work with primary wholesalers at wholesale markets to digitalise ordering & invoicing, reduce admin and enable interstate trading.

Independent Retailers & Other Commercial Buyers

We work with greengrocers, providores and onward wholesalers, IGAs, food processors and manufacturers as well as hospitality groups to enable one touch ordering, improve sourcing and optimise re-ordering and replenishment.

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